Extended Hospital Stay? Try Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels


Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels

Extended Stay Hotels in Augusta can provide a comforting home away from home at a trying time: during a family member’s extended hospital stay.

Today, with improvements in medical treatments and tighter health insurance purse strings, we are accustomed to shorter hospital stays. But there are still many conditions that require long stays – some VERY long. And treatments so specialized that only some huge hospital far away can perform them. Whether you are a patient or a family member, these are times when you might have to be away from home for weeks or even months. These are times when an Augusta GA extended stay hotel may be the right choice.

Augusta is home to several acclaimed healthcare institutions, and hosts many medical visitors each year. And there is often a comfortable, home-like Augusta GA extended stay hotel nearby to serve you.

Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels near Children’s Hospital

Premature babies must stay in the NICU until they are more fully developed. In the pediatric oncology unit, kids undergo weeks of treatments. At times like these, Children’s Hospital – the only pediatric hospital in the region - may become a very familiar place for family members.

Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels near University Hospital

The 478-bed Augusta University Health System is a “world-class health care network, offering the most comprehensive primary, specialty and subspecialty care in the region.” This teaching and research hospital features a level-1 trauma center that serves a 13-county area.

Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels near the VA Medical Center

Veterans often need extensive rehabilitation service, covering a wide spectrum of conditions – spinal cord injury, neuro, vision, amputation, psychological, and more. The VA Medical Center works hard to restore vets to full vitality, but these treatments can take a long time.

Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels near East Central Regional Hospital

Mental health issues and developmental disabilities can be difficult to diagnose. It can take time to arrive at a treatment plan. And it can also take time to determine that therapies and medicines are truly working.

Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels near Doctor’s Hospital

This renowned facility serves patients with a wide range of conditions. In terms of long-term stays, though, two services stand out: Doctor’s Hospital is a Certified Primary Stroke Center, as well as the largest inpatient burn center in the United States.

Extended Stay Hotels in Augusta: A Homelike Environment during Tough Times

Frankly, this is a reason to try an Augusta GA extended stay hotel that we hope you never need. But if you do, how would you like end a stressful day at the bedside? At some noisy, impersonal motel by the highway? Or would you rather go home to a cozy, nicely furnished apartment home in a quiet community? Augusta GA Extended Stay offers you a real choice. Request a quote today! AND – be sure to check with your health insurance provider; many policies offer travel and lodging benefits!


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