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Extended Hospital Stay? Try Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels


Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels

Extended Stay Hotels in Augusta can provide a comforting home away from home at a trying time: during a family member’s extended hospital stay.

Today, with improvements in medical treatments and tighter health insurance purse strings, we are accustomed to shorter hospital stays. But there are still many conditions that require long stays – some VERY long. And treatments so specialized that only some huge hospital far away can perform them. Whether you are a patient or a family member, these are times when you might have to be away from home for weeks or even months. These are times when an Augusta GA extended stay hotel may be the right choice.

Augusta is home to several acclaimed healthcare institutions, and hosts many medical visitors each year. And there is often a comfortable, home-like Augusta GA extended stay hotel nearby to serve you.

Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels near Children’s Hospital

Premature babies must stay in the NICU until they are more fully developed. In the pediatric oncology unit, kids undergo weeks of treatments. At times like these, Children’s Hospital – the only pediatric hospital in the region - may become a very familiar place for family members.

Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels near University Hospital

The 478-bed Augusta University Health System is a “world-class health care network, offering the most comprehensive primary, specialty and subspecialty care in the region.” This teaching and research hospital features a level-1 trauma center that serves a 13-county area.

Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels near the VA Medical Center

Veterans often need extensive rehabilitation service, covering a wide spectrum of conditions – spinal cord injury, neuro, vision, amputation, psychological, and more. The VA Medical Center works hard to restore vets to full vitality, but these treatments can take a long time.

Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels near East Central Regional Hospital

Mental health issues and developmental disabilities can be difficult to diagnose. It can take time to arrive at a treatment plan. And it can also take time to determine that therapies and medicines are truly working.

Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotels near Doctor’s Hospital

This renowned facility serves patients with a wide range of conditions. In terms of long-term stays, though, two services stand out: Doctor’s Hospital is a Certified Primary Stroke Center, as well as the largest inpatient burn center in the United States.

Extended Stay Hotels in Augusta: A Homelike Environment during Tough Times

Frankly, this is a reason to try an Augusta GA extended stay hotel that we hope you never need. But if you do, how would you like end a stressful day at the bedside? At some noisy, impersonal motel by the highway? Or would you rather go home to a cozy, nicely furnished apartment home in a quiet community? Augusta GA Extended Stay offers you a real choice. Request a quote today! AND – be sure to check with your health insurance provider; many policies offer travel and lodging benefits!


Displaced? The Augusta GA Extended Stay Solution


Friday, March 10, 2017
Augusta GA Extended Stay, extended stay hotels in Augusta

Last time we talked about using extended stay hotels in Augusta when relocating. That’s generally a happy, hopeful time, such as when you are starting a new job. There are other life events, however, when you are not feeling so hopeful, times when you have been displaced or put out of your home temporarily or permanently, when an Augusta GA extended stay might also be a perfect solution.

Extended Stay Solutions for Flood Damage

As the insurance commercials always say, you won’t believe how much damage even an inch of water will do to your home! Floors, walls, appliances, furniture and on and on. Two or three inches? Forget it – you’re looking at major renovations, and at being majorly displaced from your home, you and your entire family. Where will you stay? What environment would you like to come home to after a day of grimy cleanup, babysitting contractors and fighting the insurance company? Well, instead of choosing typically cramped, inconvenient extended stay hotels in Augusta filled with the stuff you have salvaged, why not pick a cozy, nicely furnished apartment home in a quiet community, one that’s usually very close to work and school? That’s an atmosphere where you can unwind at the end of the day – and you’re going to need it!

Extended Stay Solutions for Fire Damage

With fire damage, just like flood damage, a little goes a long way. What doesn’t burn gets smoky and sooty, and the whole place is doused with water. Depending on the severity of the fire, you might need an Augusta GA extended stay hotel for days, weeks or even months. Once again, you have a choice between typical out of the way, impersonal extended stay hotels in Augusta or a comfortably furnished home in a secure, attractive apartment community in a residential area. Since, very likely, your homeowners insurance is paying the bill, that’s an EASY choice!

Extended Stay Solutions and Divorce

Well, this is an unpleasant topic. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence these days and, if it happens to you, you will need a place to stay. If you are getting an uncontested divorce in Georgia, you might need extended stay hotels in Augusta for a month or more. If you are splitting up in South Carolina, you might need an Augusta GA extended stay hotel for up to 90 days between filing and court date.  So, where will you stay? Frankly, the typical extended stay hotel out by the Interstate can be a less-than-cheerful place at an already unhappy time.  Why not choose a corporate housing option that is homelike, private, quiet and secure?     

Augusta GA Extended Stay: A Homelike Environment During Tough Times

If you are temporarily displaced from your home and considering extended stay hotels in Augusta, but want more convenience, comfort and security for you and your family, contact to request a quote. They can show you all of your Augusta GA extended stay hotel options, and help you get through that temporary rough patch!


Relocating? Try Extended Stay Hotels in Augusta


Monday, February 20, 2017
Extended Stay Lodging in Augusta, GA

Congratulations on your new job, and starting a new chapter in your career and life! It’s an exciting time and, best of all, you get to experience this excitement in beautiful Augusta, the 2nd-largest metro in Georgia, and home to the world-famous Masters Golf Tournament!

As you are relocating to Augusta GA, you have a few dozen details to sort out. You have the daily nuts and bolts to address, like contacting the utility companies, ordering your cable TV and internet service, and updating your info with the DMV. And there are the family items to take care of, like finding a doctor to transfer your records to, and getting the kids registered at their schools. You will find these and other helpful links at the official City of Augusta website,

Putting Down Roots in Augusta GA

And, of course, you have to find a place to live. That’s a stressful process! But your company has likely helped ease that transition with a relocation allowance. This gives you a choice of temporary housing options while you are deciding where to put down roots.

It may be very early in that decision process. Maybe you haven’t even started. Maybe you’ve come ahead while your spouse sells the old house and the kids finish school. Maybe Augusta GA is a complete mystery to you, and you need to take some time to investigate where you would like to live. There are many reasons that you may have arrived in the Augusta area without a final destination in mind.

An Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotel May Be the Answer

In that case, you may need a temporary housing solution. There are several extended stay hotels in Augusta that will fill that basic need for a roof over your head. But remember, not all extended stay hotels in Augusta are created equal. In fact, some aren’t even hotels! There is another type of extended stay arrangement, sometimes called corporate housing, which could comfortably ease the transition for you and your family.

An Alternative to Extended Stay Hotels in Augusta

Compared to the big, impersonal Augusta GA extended stay hotels you might find along Interstate 20 or the Bobby Jones Expressway, corporate housing consists of comfortably furnished homes in secure, attractive apartment communities in residential areas. You get to enjoy all the amenities that the permanent residents do, often including personal laundry, workout facilities, pool, walking trails and secure, gated entrances. What you DON’T have is the one-year lease, so you get to live in the security and comfort of a neighborhood, with the no-strings-attached freedom of a typical Augusta GA extended stay hotel. And you will find that, despite all the extras, the corporate housing setup is actually pretty reasonably priced, which will help you stretch that corporate relocation allowance!

If you are relocating and considering extended stay hotels in Augusta, but want more convenience, comfort and security for you and your family, contact to request a quote. They can show you all of your Augusta GA extended stay hotel options, and help ease your big life transition!


Augusta GA Relocation and Extended Stay Lodging


Thursday, July 30, 2015
Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotel Apartments

Short-Term Lodging in Augusta GA

Traditional extended stay hotels in Augusta are great if you need short-term lodging for a week! Easy in, easy out.  When staying short-term, but for longer than a week or two hotel rooms can be cumbersome - especially if your family is with you!  The small room can become cramped, trips to the laundry facilities get tiring, eating out every night gets expensive, and the transient environment can get old and feel unwelcoming.

Relocating to Augusta Georgia

Choose the more spacious and more comfortable lodging solution with Augusta GA Extended Stay!  We offer fully-furnished apartment rentals for temporary housing.  

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • private in-unit laundry room with full size washer and dryer
  • fully-equipped gourmet kitchen and dining room
  • spacious living room with plenty of seating
  • private bedrooms with walk-in closets, comfortable beds, and furniture (perfect for relocating families)
  • a home-like environment with premium furnishings 

Live in comfort while taking the time to locate a permanent home in Augusta!


Extended Stay Lodging near Ft Gordon


Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Extended Stay Lodging near Ft Gordon

Fort Gordon Extended Stay Hotel Alternative

Choose one of our Augusta GA luxury extended stay suites near Ft Gordon for military housing or TDY lodging.   Whether you're on PSC  or TDY in Augusta at Fort Gordon, our beautifully furnished accommodations with resort-styled amenities will make your assignment in Augusta enjoyable.  Forget the traditional cramped & overpriced hotel near Ft. Gordon and choose the more comfortable & convenient alternative.  Our rates are within standard Per Diem rates & all housing expenses are consolidated.  We offer custom billing cycles & accept all major credit cards for rent.

Our extended stay apartments near Fort Gordon will make you feel right at home. Private bedrooms, spacious floor plans, and a home-like environment will give you a comfortable place to retire each evening.  Check your emails with ease using the complimentary Wi-Fi and enjoy home-cooked meals prepared in the fully-equipped kitchen.  Whether you're relocating to Augusta permanently to work at Ft Gordon or simply completing a short-term project our temporary apartment rentals offer you the perfect extended stay accommodations.

Flexible & Comfortable Military Lodging Solutions in Augusta


Extended Stay Hotel Lodging Near Plant Vogtle


Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Plant Vogtle Extended Stay Hotel Alternative

Plant Vogtle Extended Stay Hotel Alternative

Are you relocating to the Augusta area to work at Plant Vogtle?  Completing a short-term contract assignment with Plant Vogtle in Waynesboro? Need a place to stay with convenient access to South Augusta & Plant Vogtle?

Choose Augusta GA Extended Stay!  We offer turnkey, spacious, & affordable extended stay suites in Augusta GA & throughout the Central Savannah River Area ideally suited for Plant Vogtle team members & contractors.  Private bedrooms, fully-equipped kitchens, first-class amenities, & premium furniture set our lodging solutions apart from the rest.  Wireless internet, cable, and all utilities are included and consolitated into one bill.  We accept all major credit cards & offer direct billing.  Stay with us short-term, long-term, and even rent month-to-month.

Booking a room with us is a breeze!  All reservations can be completed online or by calling our lodging specialists at 706.729.0260


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