Displaced? The Augusta GA Extended Stay Solution


Friday, March 10, 2017
Augusta GA Extended Stay, extended stay hotels in Augusta

Last time we talked about using extended stay hotels in Augusta when relocating. That’s generally a happy, hopeful time, such as when you are starting a new job. There are other life events, however, when you are not feeling so hopeful, times when you have been displaced or put out of your home temporarily or permanently, when an Augusta GA extended stay might also be a perfect solution.

Extended Stay Solutions for Flood Damage

As the insurance commercials always say, you won’t believe how much damage even an inch of water will do to your home! Floors, walls, appliances, furniture and on and on. Two or three inches? Forget it – you’re looking at major renovations, and at being majorly displaced from your home, you and your entire family. Where will you stay? What environment would you like to come home to after a day of grimy cleanup, babysitting contractors and fighting the insurance company? Well, instead of choosing typically cramped, inconvenient extended stay hotels in Augusta filled with the stuff you have salvaged, why not pick a cozy, nicely furnished apartment home in a quiet community, one that’s usually very close to work and school? That’s an atmosphere where you can unwind at the end of the day – and you’re going to need it!

Extended Stay Solutions for Fire Damage

With fire damage, just like flood damage, a little goes a long way. What doesn’t burn gets smoky and sooty, and the whole place is doused with water. Depending on the severity of the fire, you might need an Augusta GA extended stay hotel for days, weeks or even months. Once again, you have a choice between typical out of the way, impersonal extended stay hotels in Augusta or a comfortably furnished home in a secure, attractive apartment community in a residential area. Since, very likely, your homeowners insurance is paying the bill, that’s an EASY choice!

Extended Stay Solutions and Divorce

Well, this is an unpleasant topic. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence these days and, if it happens to you, you will need a place to stay. If you are getting an uncontested divorce in Georgia, you might need extended stay hotels in Augusta for a month or more. If you are splitting up in South Carolina, you might need an Augusta GA extended stay hotel for up to 90 days between filing and court date.  So, where will you stay? Frankly, the typical extended stay hotel out by the Interstate can be a less-than-cheerful place at an already unhappy time.  Why not choose a corporate housing option that is homelike, private, quiet and secure?     

Augusta GA Extended Stay: A Homelike Environment During Tough Times

If you are temporarily displaced from your home and considering extended stay hotels in Augusta, but want more convenience, comfort and security for you and your family, contact ExtendedStayAugustaGA.com to request a quote. They can show you all of your Augusta GA extended stay hotel options, and help you get through that temporary rough patch!


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