Relocating? Try Extended Stay Hotels in Augusta


Monday, February 20, 2017
Extended Stay Lodging in Augusta, GA

Congratulations on your new job, and starting a new chapter in your career and life! It’s an exciting time and, best of all, you get to experience this excitement in beautiful Augusta, the 2nd-largest metro in Georgia, and home to the world-famous Masters Golf Tournament!

As you are relocating to Augusta GA, you have a few dozen details to sort out. You have the daily nuts and bolts to address, like contacting the utility companies, ordering your cable TV and internet service, and updating your info with the DMV. And there are the family items to take care of, like finding a doctor to transfer your records to, and getting the kids registered at their schools. You will find these and other helpful links at the official City of Augusta website,

Putting Down Roots in Augusta GA

And, of course, you have to find a place to live. That’s a stressful process! But your company has likely helped ease that transition with a relocation allowance. This gives you a choice of temporary housing options while you are deciding where to put down roots.

It may be very early in that decision process. Maybe you haven’t even started. Maybe you’ve come ahead while your spouse sells the old house and the kids finish school. Maybe Augusta GA is a complete mystery to you, and you need to take some time to investigate where you would like to live. There are many reasons that you may have arrived in the Augusta area without a final destination in mind.

An Augusta GA Extended Stay Hotel May Be the Answer

In that case, you may need a temporary housing solution. There are several extended stay hotels in Augusta that will fill that basic need for a roof over your head. But remember, not all extended stay hotels in Augusta are created equal. In fact, some aren’t even hotels! There is another type of extended stay arrangement, sometimes called corporate housing, which could comfortably ease the transition for you and your family.

An Alternative to Extended Stay Hotels in Augusta

Compared to the big, impersonal Augusta GA extended stay hotels you might find along Interstate 20 or the Bobby Jones Expressway, corporate housing consists of comfortably furnished homes in secure, attractive apartment communities in residential areas. You get to enjoy all the amenities that the permanent residents do, often including personal laundry, workout facilities, pool, walking trails and secure, gated entrances. What you DON’T have is the one-year lease, so you get to live in the security and comfort of a neighborhood, with the no-strings-attached freedom of a typical Augusta GA extended stay hotel. And you will find that, despite all the extras, the corporate housing setup is actually pretty reasonably priced, which will help you stretch that corporate relocation allowance!

If you are relocating and considering extended stay hotels in Augusta, but want more convenience, comfort and security for you and your family, contact to request a quote. They can show you all of your Augusta GA extended stay hotel options, and help ease your big life transition!


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